Who uses CitraGreen?

Are you the type of person that would benefit from CitraGreen?

Suitable for all ages

CitraGreen is suitable for anyone over 4 years of age.


Have a busy Lifestyle?

If you struggle to find the time to get a fully balanced and regular diet, you’re in training, or simply looking to boost your general health, CitraGreen is for you.


No Artificial Ingredients

We never use artificial colors, flavors nor preservatives and every ounce of wheatgrass we use is organically sourced. CitraGreen is also suitable for vegetarians.


Compact Size

You’ll find 10 tablets in a one small discrete tube so take CitraGreen on the go to make sure you get your full daily serving of essential vitamins and minerals.

Who uses CitraGreen?

For healthy kids over 12

It can be very difficult to get children to eat enough healthy food, but CitraGreen can help with that. Simply drop one tablet in a glass of water and they will get a significant boost to their health and vitality.

CitraGreen for busy professionals

In the busy world we live in it can be hard to get all the correct vitamins and minerals to keep us feeling healthy and happy. We simply do not have time to cook those fantastic meals we see on tv with all those wonderful fresh vegetables. CitraGreen allows you get your DV of vitamins and minerals with one simple & quick tablet.

For active people

If you are looking for a simple and quick way to get a boost to your energy, then CitraGreen is the thing for you.

Containing a wealth of vitamins and minerals, on top of the supergreen wheatgrass, this can keep you working and playing for longer.

Citragreen is an affordable and convenient way to maintain daily health.

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