So you’re considering buying a wheatgrass juicer to blend up your fresh wheatgrass to take one step closer to a new and healthier you. Some are more expensive than others but you get what you pay for right?



Whether you own a wheatgrass juicer or you’re thinking about buying one, Citragreen means you don’t need to. Both before and after juicing fresh wheatgrass, there’s no denying that it’s messy and time-consuming. Add to that the cost of the blender and you’ll be feeling the pinch before you even get started. You may prefer powders for more convenience but again, this can cost both time and money.

Citragreen not only provides a convenient and affordable alternative on the go, it tastes great too! All the pros of delicious nutrition in just 60 seconds and none of the cons.



Order your Citragreen today and see why more and more people are turning from wheatgrass juicers to a handy little tube.


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