What is CitraGreen?

The easy way to use wheatgrass in a great tasting, sparkling drink

CitraGreen brings you a brand of effervescents synonymous with health, nutrition, convenience and great taste.

With the world’s first effervescent wheatgrass tablet, each daily dose packs a power punch of nourishment.

You’ll find 20 tablets in each pack and with products suitable for all ages, CitraGreen is filled with multi-vitamins, minerals and organic goodness.

CitraGreen was created to bring convenience to getting and staying healthy by giving your body all the nutrition it needs. Wheatgrass powders can be expensive, messy and taste horrible. Wheatgrass capsules often contain animal products in the capsules. So we at CitraGreen got to work to create a convenient, great tasting solution to a market dominated by limitation.

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