Wheatgrass is packed full of vitamins, minerals and plant-based (phytonutrient) antioxidants which lead to a range of benefits for your body. Here are our top 10.

1. Noticeably increased energy levels. With a full complement of B vitamins and packed with iron, wheatgrass drinks are proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

2. Immune system boost. The high quantities of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, zinc, copper and selenium contribute to the normal function of the immune system. By taking CitraGreen, you can say hello to a stronger immune system to fight against colds, flu and other diseases.

3. Nutritionally balanced. Wheatgrass is one of nature’s finest superfoods in that it contains a nourishing balance of 20 essential vitamins and minerals not to mention the phytonutrients which help to fight against disease and illness.

4. Antioxidants. You’ll find Vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, manganese and selenium in each Citragreen tablet. Your body’s cells are constantly under attack from free radicals which can damage them. Antioxidants found in wheatgrass drinks such as a serving of CitraGreen act to protect your cells from this oxidative stress.

5. Alkalising. Wheatgrass drinks contain high concentrations of most alkaline minerals including potassium, calcium and magnesium. Alkaline blood can slow down the ageing process, increase energy levels and prevent arthritis and gout.

6. Phytonutrients. Wheatgrass contains many plant-based phytonutrients such as bioflavanoids and saponins. Unlike the other vitamins and minerals found in wheatgrass drinks, phytonutrients are not essential for day to day living although they may help prevent sickness and disease.
The high level of saponins found in wheatgrass can aid in the cleansing and removal of toxic substances from your body. They have been shown to reduce cholesterol by inhibiting its absorption in the small intestine and may also reduce the risk of colon cancer.

7. Essential enzymes. Wheatgrass contains protease (for protein digestion), cytochrome oxidase (an antioxidant), amylase (which helps digestion), lipase (to break down fat), transhydrogenase (for a healthy heart muscle) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) (found in all your body’s cells and known for its ability to slow cellular aging).

8. Chlorophyll. Many people take chlorophyll (the green pigment which gives wheatgrass its colour) to improve bad breath and other forms of body odour but chlorophyll in wheatgrass has also been shown to aid in the removal of several toxins via the liver and plays a vital part in the body’s ability to cleanse and detoxify itself.

9. Quick and easy absorption. Due to the convenience of consuming wheatgrass as a drink, it has already been broken down to a degree making it easier and faster for the body to absorb all its nourishing goodness.

10. Other reported benefits of wheatgrass drinks include the reduction of cravings for addictive substances such as nicotine, tightening of sagging skin and stimulation and regeneration of the liver.

With wheatgrass being one of nature’s most nourishing superfoods, wheatgrass drinks offer a quick and easy method of getting all the goodness. However, they can still be hard to find on the go and commonly taste very bitter. CitraGreen allows you to have a wheatgrass drink whenever you need one with an easy to carry tube of 10 servings in a fizzy and delicious tablet. Just add water.

Order yours today.


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